Duty of care

  • Determination of real estate assets: Before taking over the property, we offer our customers an examination of the condition of the building.
  • Legal Examination: Legal status of property, land registers entries, preferences or possible rights.
  • Review of urban conditions: Checking the status of permits and administrative licenses for the construction or use of the building.
  • Technical inspection: Quality control in the execution of construction projects.
  • Economic audit: Control, efficiency and correct use of budget resources.

Feasibility studies

  • Market study of the selected area or niche.
  • Possible strategic alternatives for the development and marketing of assets. As well as transferring them to another area.
  • Consultation until the completion of the work (and its changes in agreement with the customer).

Building operations

Preparation and processing of permits; approval of development plans and development works.

  • Drawing up of building projects. (Leisure, apartments, commercial centres ...)
  • Creating of a sales brochure with pictures.
  • Business licenses ...
  • Safety and health studies at the construction site.
  • We also have a work accident prevention service.

Building industry

We maximize every project; optimize resources and control deadlines and costs with quality certificates, through continuous monitoring and the return of monthly reports on the status of the work, as well as the agreed strategies and decisions. After completion of the construction, we continue to support the customer on a daily basis in advising and solving possible administrative or contractual incidents, including an after-sales service for real estate assets.

Legal and urban affairs

  • Previous meetings, examination of the ground or property that needs to be demolished or renovated.
  • Study of all the documents and the legislation.
  • Protocol of measures for the execution of development plans ...
  • Meeting with town halls and proposals for town planning agreements, participating agents ...
  • Legal advice in the processing of planning documents.
  • Consultancy in the field of real estate law, international private law (in the case of an investment or construction project outside of Spain or within Spain by a non-Spanish company). Property, land and building law.

Development and expansion

We are looking for a win-win situation for our customers in order to gain more profit from the real estate values.

Good advice for investment in real estate or to change the given use of the property ...

Valuations, construction completion declarations and energy certificates

We are the least expensive in Spain and we offer quality, punctuality and above all good service. A service with guaranteed premium quality

Planning and development

Minimizing the risks of development and investment.